Flag en_US International Climate Neighbourhoods Conference : 22-23. May 2019 Heidelberg

I would like to draw your attention to the international Climate Neighbourhoods Conference, which will take place from 22 – 23 May 2019 in Heidelberg and is organised by Climate Alliance together with ifeu institute Heidelberg.

The aim of the conference is to find out how climate protection or climate adaptation projects which are or have been carried out by municipalities in cooperation with other practical actors can be extended.

You can find the annoucement and invitation here : Climate Neighbourhoods. Application is possible until March 15. 2019.

We would like to invite you and your colleagues being part of an international climate partnership to participate in the Climate Neighbourhoods together with representatives from companies, universities, civil society organisations etc., i.e. all those who are active locally. Are you interested in making a contribution – for example a workshop, a coaching session or an exhibition? If you are interested in our conference, please complete the pre-registration form by 15 March. The pre-registration gives you the opportunity to contribute your ideas. You can find the programme of our conference here.

The conference is organised in a decentralised manner:  Workshops will be held directly in the everyday life of the city in various locations in the center of Heidelberg near the university. In addition, the Climate Neighbourhood Fest offers networking opportunities and an entertaining stage programme. An exhibition with representatives from various organisations will provide information on specific climate protection and adaptation activities and, of course, we will also be welcoming the citizens to our festival so that we can all engage in a joint exchange. After all, our conference includes a Youth Climate Summit, because the integration of the knowledge and needs of generations that will shape our world in the future is an important element in climate protection for us.

The Climate Neighbourhoods are held in English and are part of the ICCA – International Conference on Climate Action 2019 of the Federal Ministry for the Environment, Nature Conservation and Nuclear Safety, which is also held in Heidelberg.

In the appendix you will find the invitation and a short announcement. Perhaps you know other people from your network – also from your international circle of acquaintances – who might be interested in the Climate Neighbourhoods? Then you are welcome to pass on the information. If you would also like to make our conference known via your social media channels or website, you can use the text modules in the appendix and adapt them if necessary.

Contact :

Julia Kraus

T. +49 69 717 139 -13
E. j.kraus@klimabuendnis.org

Source :

Europäische Geschäftsstelle | Hauptsitz
Galvanistr. 28 | 60486 Frankfurt am Main | Deutschland
T. +49 69 717 139 -0
E. europe@klimabuendnis.org



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